Discover the features & benefits of the Genesis In-Car Wi-Fi Hotspot. Follow this step-by-step guide to activate your free trial today.

In-Car Wi-Fi Hotspot provides eligible Genesis vehicles with fast and secure in-vehicle internet access. Genesis owners no longer need to use their own smartphone for a hotspot – they can now purchase a data plan through Verizon to add in-vehicle support for seamless connectivity.


With In-Car Wi-Fi Hotspot, Genesis customers can connect up to 5 devices. This allows passengers access to social media services, gaming apps, streaming music and movies or even allows you to work while on the road.


Genesis Connected Services subscribers are eligible for a 3 month or 3GB free trial (whichever comes first).


To get started, follow these steps to set up your In-Car Wi-Fi hotspot:


An active Genesis Connected Services subscription is required (complimentary for new original owners).


How to activate the free Wi-Fi Hotspot Trial

Current and new eligible owners will receive an automatic email invitation once their vehicle is eligible for the Wi-Fi Hotspot trial. Simply click on the link and follow the instructions to accept the Terms and Conditions. Your free Wi-Fi Hotspot will then be automatically enabled after approx. 24 hours.

Once you have utilized the 3-month or 3GB (whichever comes first) free trial you will be able to purchase an additional Verizon Wireless data subscription. You will receive an email confirmation when your trial begins, when you have used 10% and then 50% of your allotted 3GB of data, and finally also when your trial has ended. You can click the links on the final emails or select 'manage subscription' in your account to be directed to the Verizon website where you can activate your paid subscription to Wi-Fi Hotspot.


Follow these steps to start your In-Car Wi-Fi hotspot: Steps:

    • Ensure you are enrolled in Genesis Connected Services

    • Check that your free Wi-fi trial or your paid data subscription via is active


In Vehicle Steps:

    1. Navigate to the “Home” screen

    2. Select “Setup” then “Data/Network” then “Wi-Fi Hotspot”

    3. Rename of reset the Network ID or Network password if desired

    4. Ensure Wi-Fi Hotspot is Enabled

    5. On your mobile device(s), select the vehicle enabled Wi-Fi Hotspot Name from the Wi-Fi network list and input the password displayed on the vehicle screen.


Settings available:

    • SSID – This setting changes the network name and can be edited by the owner.

    • Password – This is set by the owner to provide password protection to the vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot.

    • Frequency Bands – This allows the owner to select between 5GHZ and 2.4GHZ.


Frequently Asked Questions:

• What is In-Car Wi-Fi Hotspot?

   In-Car Wi-Fi Hotspot is powered by Verizon and provides in-vehicle internet access. You can connect 5 devices (IE: Smartphones, Tablets, Gaming devices and laptops) to browse internet, stream music or videos and play video games.


• What is the cost of In-Car Wi-Fi Hotspot

   $20/month for unlimited WIFI. Visit for more information about available plans.


• What Genesis vehicles support In-Car Wi-Fi Hotspot?

   Dependent on software version, some 2023 and newer Genesis models support Wi-Fi Hotspot. Ask your dealer for eligibility details and to update software to the latest version to enable if your model is eligible. 


• How do you manage your In-Car Wi-Fi hotspot account?



• What do I do if my In-Car Wi-Fi Hotspot is not working?<

   It is always good to first reset your devices by powering them down, and then turning them back on as well as disconnecting and then re-connecting to the Wi-Fi hotspot. If after these measures have been taken and your hotspot is still not working, please call Genesis Customer Care at 1-844-340-9741.


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