Learn to remotely control your vehicle with genesis connected services and amazon alexa

A lot of consideration has gone into equipping Genesis vehicles with the capabilities to make using the vehicle safe and convenient. With the Genesis Alexa Skill, you get the ease of use of Amazon Echo combined with the luxury and comfort of Genesis design.

After successfully setting up and enabling your Genesis Skill, you’re ready to use Amazon Alexa with your Genesis vehicle. With this system, you can remote start, remote lock or control the temperature within your vehicle by using simple voice commands.

To remote start, say, “Alexa, ask Genesis to start my car.”

To remote start and set temperature, say, “Alexa, ask Genesis to start my car and set the temperature to 72 degrees.”

To lock your vehicle, say, “Alexa, tell Genesis to lock my vehicle.”

When using Genesis Skill, the vehicle should be locked with the alarm armed and the proximity key not in vehicle. Also, remember to use voice commands and PIN only in private.

Getting Started FAQS

For all other inquiries, call us at 844-340-9741 or email us at customercare@genesismotorsusa.com.

If you would like to contact us regarding Genesis Connected Services, call us at 844-340-9741 or email us at customercare@genesismotorsusa.com.

To contact someone regarding Genesis Roadside Assistance, call 844-340-9742.

Connected Care is a suite of safety and car care features providing Genesis owners with services such as Automatic Collision Notification, SOS Emergency Assistance, Enhanced Roadside Assistance, Monthly Vehicle Reports and Maintenance Alerts.

Listed below are important basic Bluetooth commands. Please note that this is only a basic outline of instructions. For more detailed directions, refer to your Owner’s Manual, Navigation User’s Manual, or Driver Information System (DIS) User’s Manual.

  • Pair your phone to the Bluetooth System: Since every phone has a different set of pairing instructions, Click here to get step by step directions specific to your phone
  • Make a call: Below is a basic outline of how to make calls:
    1. Press the talk button located on the steering wheel.
    2. Listen for a noise and radio display that indicates the Bluetooth is listening.
    3. If you wish to call a contact saved in your phone, say “Call (name).” Make sure you say the name exactly how it is stored in your phone. If you have more than one number saved for that contact, the Bluetooth will ask “home,” “office,” “mobile,” etc. State your selection.
    4. If you wish to call a number, say “Call number.” After the Bluetooth asks for the number, say the phone number. The Bluetooth will then reply with the phone number to ensure it is correct. Say “Dial” to call that number.
  • Receive a call: When you receive a call, you will hear a ring tone through the audio system. The message “INCOMING” and the caller ID will appear on the screen (depending on the model). To answer, press the SEND button located on the steering wheel.
  • End a call: When you have finished a phone call, end the call by pressing the END button located on the steering wheel.

To connect your Bluetooth mobile device follow the instructions under “Phone Pairing” found in your Genesis Quick Start Guide. Click here to get step by step directions specific to your phone.

Your local Genesis retailer may have service specials or promotions running right now. Contact your local Genesis retailer to ask if there are any current service specials or promotions.

If you have any questions about Blue Link, please call Genesis Customer Care at 844-340-9741 or send an email to customercare@genesismotorsusa.com. You can contact Genesis Customer Care as often as you like. For your convenience, you can contact one of our Genesis Customer Care agents from the car by pressing the Blue Link button, from your smartphone mobile app or from MyGenesisUSA.com.

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