Optimize your Genesis Bluetooth connection for seamless connectivity. Explore our guide to ensure your Bluetooth experience is hassle-free.

The Genesis Bluetooth system is the way to streamline your driving experience and pairing your mobile phone is quick and easy. Once your phone is paired with your Genesis vehicle, you can utilize the many benefits and features that Bluetooth provides, including the option to place and receive calls within the vehicle, storing of contacts and the ability to use voice commands. Note that compatibility and performance may vary based on the mobile phone, the phone’s software version and wireless carrier.

The G80 and G90 models have different pairing instructions. For model-specific pairing information and instructions, follow these links:


2017 G80 Pairing Instructions


2017 G90 Pairing Instructions


2018 G80 Pairing Instructions


For all other Bluetooth information, visit Genesis Bluetooth Compatibility Page

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