Learn about bluetooth® capabilities and insider tips to using it effectively

Whether you’re new to Bluetooth® or have been using it for a while, you’re probably aware of some of the great benefits Bluetooth can provide to Genesis owners. One of the best assets is the added safety of hands-free use of your mobile device while driving. With Bluetooth, you can make and receive calls in your vehicle, as well as use voice commands to accomplish certain tasks, thus minimizing distractions on the road.

In order to get the best out of your Bluetooth experience, make sure you are always using the correct string of voice commands and remember that the microphone is usually located in the headboard. That means that leaning toward the navigation unit is going to move you away from the microphone. It’s also helpful to keep exterior noises out by closing all the windows and sunroof and to wait for the beep prior to using any voice commands. A list of available commands can be accessed by pressing the “HELP” button.  When you have passengers, it may be easier to conduct your call in “private mode.” In that case, you just select your phone and transfer it to your device.

To end a Bluetooth call, simply press the disconnect button on your steering wheel.



1) Voice recognition
2) Audio control
3) Incoming call
4) Ending call

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