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Getting through an accident can be challenging for a variety of reasons. Repairing the damage to a Genesis shouldn’t be. Many Genesis retailers include a collision repair center, so it’s the ideal place to get repairs done correctly, using Genesis Genuine Parts. Genesis Genuine Parts are covered by a 12-month Replacement Parts and Accessories Limited Warranty, so you can get back to normal with added security.

It’s possible that your auto insurance company may recommend or encourage you to consider parts other than Genesis Genuine Parts, so it’s a good idea to check your policy for parts descriptions specifically for “LKQ” parts, which are recycled or salvaged, “aftermarket” parts, which are not regulated or crash-tested by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and “remanufactured” parts, which have been repaired, refurbished or entirely rebuilt by an outside source.

In many states, you are not obligated to use the insurer’s repair center or even choose from the centers the company recommends. If a repair center doesn’t use Genesis parts, there is a risk of compromising the appearance, safety, performance and warranties. Once you have verified that Genesis parts are for all repairs on your vehicle, you may also have the right to request an itemization on your repair estimate.

  • Nobody wants to be in an accident but with a little planning, you can ensure that your Genesis will be restored to its original state.
  • For more information, consult the Genesis FAQs brochure.

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