Learn how to update your G80’s multimedia and navigation system

All new Genesis vehicles come with three years of complimentary multimedia and navigation updates. When a new update becomes available, you can use one of the following three options to get the latest update for your G80.   

  • During a regularly scheduled maintenance appointment
  • Download & Install
  • Order an updated SD card

OPTION 1 (RECOMMENDED): During regularly scheduled maintenance

At your next Genesis retailer maintenance visit request your Service Advisor to update your vehicle with the latest map update.

OPTION 2: Download and Install

If you prefer to download and install the map update yourself, please follow the instructions below.

STEP #1: Go to http://www.mapnsoft.com/genesis and log into your account or create a new account.

STEP #2: Select your vehicle to be updated or add a new vehicle. If you are adding a new vehicle you will be asked to provide your 17-digit VIN. An image of the vehicle you added will populate on the screen. Click onto your vehicle.

STEP #3: Scroll down and select “Option 2”, Download.

STEP #4: Follow the instructions below to download your new map update.

1. Account Creation:

Upon arriving on the Mapnsoft login page click on “Create a new account”.

Fill in all the fields and then click “sign up” to complete account creation.

2. Adding a Vehicle and Placing an Order:

Navigate to the MapnSoft Login page and provide your login credentials, then click “LOGIN”

Upon Login you will be directed to your dashboard. Click on the “+ ADD VEHICLE” button.

Enter your vehicle’s VIN and then click ‘SUBMIT”. Your vehicle will then appear on the dashboard.

3. Ordering the download:

Select your vehicle by clicking on it. Then go down to “[Option 2] Download” and click on order.

Fill out the required information on the order form and then click “PLACE ORDER”.

4. Installing the Map Downloader tool:

Select: “Click here to get the map downloader” to download the map downloader tool.

Click on “Install” and wait for the installation to complete. Once the installation completes the downloader will open automatically.

5. Downloading the Map Update and installing to SD Card:

Navigate back to the dashboard, then go down to “[Option 2] Download” and click “VIEW ORDER #”. After clicking “VIEW ORDER #” a pop-up showing your order number will be displayed.

Copy and paste the order number into the downloader app and click “LOG IN”. Select “Start Download” to start the download process.

After the download has completed:

1. Select the drive that corresponds to the SD card and click on “START INSTALL” to begin transferring the map data on to the card. When the Install is initiated, you are prompted if you want to format the drive click “Yes” and wait for the data transfer to complete (it could take up to ~3 Hours to transfer the files)

2. When the install completes, Click on “Get Authentication code” to generate the Authentication code for your map update. Upon Completion, click “NEXT” to finish the Update.

The update is now ready to be installed in the vehicle, instructions on how to install are also available when the download has completed.

OPTION 3: Order an Updated SD card

After logging into http://www.mapnsoft.com/genesis scroll down and select “Option 1” and fill out the shipping information then press “PLACE ORDER.” Your order number and confirmation will appear.

If you have any questions about installing or ordering your map update please do not hesitate to call Genesis Customer Care at 1-844-340-9741.


How do I get the download tool?

1. Please be logged in to the MapnSoft website with your VIN number added to your account.

2. Complete the “Order” form located under download.

3. From the ‘Dashboard’ screen, you should see an option to download the download tool titled “Click here to get the map downloader”.

4. A file titled “MnSoft Map Downloader” will be downloaded.

5. Once downloaded, open the file.

6. The download tool will open.

7. Enter your Order Number to start downloading.

Where do I find my order number?

Order number is available in the “Dashboard” section. Select “View Order #” to retrieve your order number

How big is the download files and how long will it take?

The file is approximately 12GB and will take roughly 3 hours to download and copy to the SD card.

Depending on the network speed available it could be shorter or longer to download the whole file.

I have completed downloading the file, but it will not let me copy to the SD Card?

1. Make sure that the original Map SD card from your vehicle is installed and readable on your computer

2. Ensure that the SD Card is not locked (slider on the SD Card)

Why does copying the file take so long?

The file copying process from your PC to the SD card requires the files to be uncompressed and copied to the map SD Card, this could take up to 2 hours to complete.

I cannot download the file what are my other options to get my update?

The option to order and have the software update shipped to your address is available. Please place an order for the SD card through the MnSoft site.

Does the download continue if my computer goes to sleep/locks?

Please keep computer downloading the file from going to sleep or locking. Downloading can stop when the computer goes to sleep or locks.

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